Whilst my Foundry drawings were the bedrock from which I produced many paintings they are valid in their own right.  Charcoal is an entirely appropriate medium for this subject, bringing the grit the grime and contrast of the foundry to the viewer.

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These drawings were made following a trip to Oxford. The large BHS store there was in the process of total refurbishment and although boarded up, I was able to see enough through the gaps to record the scenes from which I made these images and embarked upon the subsequent developmental journey in paint.

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These working sketches were made in differing mediums and include a small painting.

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Same Old Thing


An iconic image of the internment camp in Abhu Graihb is superimposed on a Goya etching depicting a man being hoisted by his arms behind his back  as a means of torture.

I exhibited this work in Winchester in a corridor in such a way that allowed the viewer time in approaching it to decipher the content.


Drawing is an  essential activity for any practising artist and charcoal is not only a versatile medium but one of its properties is to produce expressive  marks  akin to painting.

Pastel has similar properties.

I believe life drawing to be the most taxing examination of an artist’s abilities and an essential “5-finger exercise”  I draw and paint from the figure on a weekly basis.

“Wires” was my submission for the Nene Barclaycard Award in 1998.  The location was close to Cheddington where the Great Train Robbery of  1963 took place.