Portrait of the Artist - a painting in acrylics by Mike Perkins

Acrylic on canvas 31cm x 25cm


I embarked upon my life as an artist in 1996 upon retirement from a career in banking and now
work from my studio in Wingrave.

My strong preference is to work in oils – they are expressive, malleable and deliver a great
vibrancy of colour.

I am prepared to address any subject and do so from preliminary sketch book work through to the
finished canvas. In exploring any given subject, drawings, whether in pen and ink,
charcoal, graphite, brush, pastel or in mixed media, often deliver surprising and pleasing
outcomes in their own right.

I have completed a number of commissions for both corporate and private clients.

As a member of The Bucks Art Society I am able to exhibit regularly.

My ongoing concern is to draw attention through my work to situations of universal concern
which call for wider exposure: “The Same Old Thing” and “Seen-Unseen” are two examples as in
a less focused way is the large charcoal drawing “Grozny”.

Alongside this ever-present pre-occupation ( I was recently asked to make 6 small
paintings under the heading “Refugees” for an exhibition in support of Christian Aid), I make
other paintings on a variety of subjects and am currently engaged with the notion of transposition.
An example would be my painting “Cezanne in Havana.”

Wingrave, August 2017.